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Events During a Pandemic | What's there to celebrate?

In a time when so much is uncertain and everything we do is in unprecedented territory, no industry came to quite the screeching halt like the events industry. Many of my friends in the industry have either been furloughed or have completely changed paths and started new careers. Live events are just now started to crawl back but the majority are still trying to figure out how to navigate the virtual event landscape.

Although the pandemic has stopped A LOT of our normal lives, there are still reasons to celebrate. Babies are still being born, people are proposing, birthday candles are being blown out and brides are making their way down the socially distant aisle. Those of us on the more social side of the events industry are here turning expectations on their heads and reimagining design plans to bring these parties to life.

We've been able to work on a couple of these celebrations recently and admittedly it felt SO GOOD to be back out there, bringing smiles to people's faces and helping to honor important moments in their lives. The times spent on those parties didn't feel uncertain at all, outside sure? in a mask ? absolutely but all things considered, if felt normal. Even if it was just for a small period of time the guests in attendance were able to forget about the dumpster fire that has been 2020 and enjoy those closest to them.

That is the power of the events industry. We bring people together and have the power to transport them out of the land of the unprecedented and back to their friends and family with a signature cocktail to boot. Connections aren't Cancelled. There are plenty of event professionals here to help you celebrate what's most important in a special way while staying safe. Keep the party going, let us know how we can help!

Colorful Centerpiece

Backyard Wedding

Party in the Park

Baby Shower Desserts

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