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Stroke of Genius !

Ever have one of those moments where you are just so proud of an idea? Well that happened this week!

We were setting up for a charity fundraiser at a gorgeous corporate office (yes that terrace is a place of employment for some lucky people!) . The design plan was working beautifully, lush white floral , accents of blue to match the corporate branding and a touch of candlelight and rose petals to add that finishing touch.

Everything looked beautiful until the wind started. Ah, mother nature, an event planner's best friend and worst enemy. The wind was not only blowing out the candles BUT was sending rose petals all over the floor. I didn't want to abandon them since aesthetically the petals really tied everything together, but what could I do? *AHA* it hit me... i started to sprinkle water from the floating candles on top of the rose petals and IT WORKED! Just a little water was enough to weight them down when the wind blew and as a bonus added a fresh look that was incredible.

Just goes to show you , sometimes you have to step back and think for a second even if all of your plans are flying out the window, literally!



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