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wedding coordinator

My crafty mom and me!

A Dream is a wish your heart makes...


When I was young and bored or it was a rainy day, my mother had the ultimate solution. She would climb up to the attic and bring down a torn  old red duffle bag and instantly my eyes light up, it was, afterall, the craft bag! In it were fabric scraps, tissue paper, feathers, and of course the hot glue gun. With that bag and the right parental supervision , anything was possible. 


That love for crafting, for making, has only grown as I have gotten older. It was my hobby, my relaxation, my outlet, and is now my career. My passion for creating melded with my love of events sometime around college and there was no turning back. The satisfaction of taking a concept and seeing it through to completion is thrilling and drives me with every event I work on.


When passion drives you, perfection is what you strive for. That is no different with each and every one of our client's events. I look forward to every consultation because it opens the door to imagination and creativity and it brings a joy that I cannot replace. 


Allow me to formally thank you all here, for allowing me to chase and follow a dream and for allowing me to be a part of your next special event. Looking forward to working with each one of you!






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