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HOW TO : Candy Buffet

No matter the age of your guests, you are never too old or young to have a sweet tooth! A great candy/dessert display can add so much to an event. The right design creates a whole other element of decor plus the sweet treats are a great takeway for your guests to enjoy.

Here is a step by step process to creating a one of a kind display :

1. Order All the Things

As you can see, Amazon Prime is my friend but I also order from a bunch of great vendors to fill in the details of the design

2. Customize Your Containers

I like to transform my jars and vessels for each event. (Bonus Tip: for an event with lots of kids, better to use plastic containers because broken glass and jelly beans DO NOT MIX!)

3. Label The Sweets

Don't miss the opportunity to customize the labeling process!

4. Decorate!

Add some fun elements with shapes, and textures to add some depth to your display.

5. Candy Candy Candy!

Finally, here is a (bad cell phone video) look at how it all came together!

Hope this was helpful! Feel free to reach out with any questions!



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