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Glitter, it's a way of life!

On one hand, yes, glitter is the thing we buy in bulk from Michael's. But we are talking about glitter in the metaphorical sense!

OK as long as its brief! Everyone needs a reboot sometimes BUT never let anyone or anything turn out your sparkle.Every day there will be a reason or a prompt to bring you down and to be honest sometimes we let that part win. Cue sweatpants , take out and bad (but oh-so-good) reality TV binges. That's

As a creative, entrepreneur and hustler I juggle a lot and people often ask me how, or why would I do that ? The answer is simple, yes I'm tired, yes I work on weekends, often covered in glitter, but I LOVE it . I love bringing event designs to life. I love when people walk into a room and are wowed. I love creating and crafting and owning Look Sharp Events lets me do that all the time! It's my happy place and I would encourage you to find yours!

Whether you are planning a wedding or hosting a sweet 16 or shower , stress can creep up and there will be people who try to bring you down. Shake that off and enjoy your excitement! Sparkle on!

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