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Why You Need an Event Coordinator - And trust us you do!

Event coordination is growing in popularity but a lot of people are left wondering, do we need that? This is a party that you have spent a lot of time thinking about and working towards so what can a coordinator do that you can’t, right? First, let’s take a step back…

What is an Event Coordinator?

Simply put, a coordinator is there to make sure you can enjoy your party as a host and guest. You have worked really hard to put this party, it’s time to celebrate!

What will the Event Coordinator Do?

Most coordinators have several different packages, and some ala cart options in order to best fit your needs. Acknowledging that every event is different here is a snapshot of what a Day of Coordination for your Wedding will look like:

When you book: Initial Consultation to learn about you, your fiancé and your wedding vision!

4 – 6wks out: Regroup, discuss vendors already booked, review contracts and gather all vendor contact information

3wks out: Create timeline for the rehearsal and the wedding. A pared down version of this timeline will be distributed to all vendors and key members of the bridal party (best man, maid of honor, mother of the bride)

1-3wks out: Maintain contact with you! Help with last minute arrangements, payments and tasks

1wk out: Organize and run the rehearsal, give final timelines to key members of the bridal party

YOUR WEDDING DAY! (Sorry we get excited too!): Help the bridal party get ready, make sure everyone’s flowers arrive on time, photographers are where they should be programs are handed out and the ceremony goes off without a hitch! While you are taking pictures that will last a life time, we’ll be at the reception site ensuring that your vision is executed as you wanted it. Your coordinator will make sure everything you ordered is put out, your centerpieces look beautiful and we’ll make sure you eat too! At the end of the reception, the coordinator will pack up your gifts and personal items for you to take home.

Ok totally makes sense for a Wedding but what about my (Sweet 16, Bridal Shower, Engagement Party, First Birthday) insert event here ?

Every event is special! No matter what the size, every party has a ton of logistics and moving pieces. The basics are still the same, your coordinator can help take your ideas and bring them to life, leaving you to enjoy your guests!

No matter what the occasion, no matter what your reason for celebrating is the right coordinator can take your party experience from good to extraordinary!



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