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What To Do Before You Say "I Do"

A few tips as you start this process called Wedding Planning!


Now speaking from experience I know this is much easier said than done. You will be surrounded by well-meaning family and friends. All of them will be clamoring to see your new ring and looking to celebrate with you and your fiancé…. And then…. It happens… “When is the wedding?” “Do you guys have plans yet?” “What time of year are you thinking?” WOAH! Slow down! The ring is barely on my finger . . . At least that was my response. The best thing you can do in the days and even weeks after you get engaged is truly enjoy the time with the one you love. They have just asked you to marry them, to be by their side until the end of time. It’s amazing. It’s overwhelming. It deserves its own moment.

Collect Ideas

Whether you are a Pinterest expert or want to kick it old school with magazines, start to look for trends and ideas you like. Not only will it ultimately help your planner or designer, it will help you to hone what you like. There are millions of styles, details, color combinations and themes out there. It can be daunting to think about the possibilities but if you start to collect all the things you like in one place you will start to see a pattern emerge and the picture of your wedding will come into focus.

Have the Money Conversation

I’ll say it, weddings can be very expensive. It’s the truth for a lot of couples but there is a silver lining here. It is a core principle of Look Sharp Events that every event should be specific to the guests of honor. There are no cookie-cutter wedding rules you need to follow. Talk to your future spouse and maybe close family and figure out what you think you can and want to spend. Do not let anyone else’s wedding affect your plans. That is there life, this is yours.

Location, Location, Location

Once you have an idea of what you think you want your wedding to look like it is time to look into venues that fit the bill. Going for rustic? What about a renovated farmhouse or a park facility? Need the shine and sparkle? Find a ballroom that matches the glitter in your mind’s eye. There is the right venue for you and more are popping up all the time. It’s helpful to take a venue comparison grid with you as you do site visits but more on that later!

You Are Not Alone!

Yes you have your family and friends and fiancé who, hopefully, are happy to help you with this process. But let’s face it, planning and organizing a wedding with all of the details is a lot of work. Do not be afraid to consult a planner or wedding coordinator for help. Many of us have packages that range from consultation help to get you started all the way to full design and execution. So much stress could be avoided simply by including a professional in your game plan. We often have a list of recommended and vetted vendors and venues. A planner can help shrink that vast world of ideas down to a manageable size and make the seemingly impossible decisions a piece of cake. This is the time in your life to be the Bride (or Groom) make sure you enjoy it!

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