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Popping the Question!

For this very first blog post I thought I would start with a little personal craft that I couldn't love more! I was recently proposed to and it was the greatest moment of my life.

After the tears stopped , in about 4 days, we started to search and found the perfect venue! Once we set the date the next step for me was picking my girls! Ok, to be honest I already knew who they would be long before I got the ring. I was so so excited to ask them and celebrate with my ladies throughout this process. I knew I wanted to do something to make them feel a little special and after searching and being inspired on Pinterest here is what I came up with!

How To "Pop" the Question

Oh , you didnt catch all that? Dont worry, step by step below!

Here are the supplies you will need for each box

- white balloon

- small kraft box (mine was 4x4")

- white saftey pin

- clear lable

- mylar glitter

- 2 small acrylic diamonds (about 1")

- kraft crinkle paper (or you can use tissue paper that works too)

- a good pen (one can never overestimate the value of a good pen!)

Step 1

Write out the questions you will be popping. ie " Will you be my bridesmaid?" I have been dabbling in free hand lettering so I opted to write it myself, but you can print these out or order them premade. Then cut them out into small strips

Step 2

Write out the lables for the balloons. I used standard Avery clear shipping labels and they worked out pretty well. (I have a lot of bridesmaids!)

Step 3

Build the boxes. Amazon has about a million sizes and they are very affordable! Once your box is built fill the bottom with your crinkle or tissue paper to give the balloon a little cushion.

Step 4

Roll up your questions (down the long way) so that they are small enough to fit into the mouth of the balloon. Pro tip: push them in the neck of the balloon and then blow up the balloon a bit and it will pop right in!

Step 5

Fill the bottom of the balloon with confetti of your choice. I chose gold and silver mylar and am really happy with the way it popped and the shine it had.

Step 6

Blow up the balloons small enough to fit snuggly in the box. Make sure you tie it as tightly as possible for maximum popping!

Step 7

Squeeze balloon into the box, the tighter the better! Once the balloon, knotted side down, is in the box place the label on the top of the balloon, add the acrylic diamonds to the front corners of the box and top with more glitter.

Step 8

Pin your safety pin to the top of the box so your bridesmaids have somethign handy to get inside the balloon.

You are now ready to give these to your bridesmaids! Have them really go for it , the harder you pop the bigger the explosion of confetti!

*Love what you see but dont have the time or crafting patience? Reach out to us today and we will glady put these together for you!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more from Look Sharp Events!

Dream Big. Look Sharp



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